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Computer Services

We offer a prompt and professional home care service for PC and laptop users in the Harlow, Sawbridgeworth, Bishop’s Stortford and Epping areas, so you can have your technical problems solved quickly in the comfort of your own home.

We aim to visit you on the same day as your call to us, but where this is not possible we promise a qualified engineer will be available to you within 48 hours.​

Our experienced engineers can solve all types of computer and laptop trouble within a short duration, from power jack repairs to motherboard fixes or replacement. At PCFIX we aim to repair your computer to the highest standard at an affordable price. See below for a selection of our prices.

  • Laptop repairing service charge from £49.99.
  • Virus removal/cleaning users data from £49.99.
  • Password removal from £37.99.
  • Data recovery from £59.99.
  • Data back up (pictures, music, documents and videos only) from £29.99.
  • Keyboard replacement from £50 (incl. parts).
  • LCD/LED laptop screen replacement cost from £79 (incl. parts).
  • Power jack replacement (incl. parts) from £79.99.
  • Motherboard repair (incl. parts) from £150.00.
  • Memory installation (excl. RAM) £19.99.​


We can cover all your technology needs, from installation to troubleshooting. We’ll help you every step of the way with:

  • Delivery & installation
  • Setup & upgrades
  • Repair & protection
  • Help & support



Laptop power problems are usually caused by a faulty/wobbly DC jack, which stops your laptop from recharging or powering up.

Common symptoms are:

  • Laptop battery unable to charge
  • Wobbly DC jack power connector
  • Intermittent battery charging
  • Screen dims and brightens often
  • Laptop turns off when power supply is moved
  • Charging light does not illuminate
  • Burning smell coming from the DC jack
  • No power


Dim display problems are usually caused by a faulty inverter or Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp inside the screen, which stops your laptop screen from illuminating.

Many companies tend to replace the screen if the CCFL is faulty, which is an expensive approach. At PCFIX we can replace the CCFL for a fraction of the price of replacing the whole screen.

Common symptoms are:

  • Faint Windows logo
  • Windows login sound is present on power-up but screen is blank
  • Blank screen


As well as DC jack issues, laptop power problems are also caused by faulty power sections on the motherboard. This can prevent your laptop from recharging or powering up.

Common Symptoms are:

  • Laptop turns off after a while
  • Laptop does not turn on
  • Battery does not charge
  • Power supply light blinks when inserted
  • Battery does not charge even though a new battery has been purchased
  • Battery does not charge even though a new power supply has been purchased


Computer display problems can also be caused by a faulty screen or VGA chip on the motherboard, which can affect the display.

Our engineers estimate that 80% of the time screen corruption is caused by a fault with your onboard graphics card. These graphics chips are Ball Grid Array (BGA) configurations, which cannot be resoldered using conventional soldering irons. We have invested over £250,000 on equipment which includes three BGA rework/reflow units. Unlike other repair centres we have even perfected BGA reballing.

Common Symptoms of screen corruption include:

  • Multi-coloured display
  • Multi unknown alphanumeric characters
  • Blank screen
  • White screen
  • Flickering screen
  • Lines on screen
  • Power light but no display


Laptop HDD problems are usually caused by a faulty IDE controller, HDD connector on the motherboard or a Faulty HDD.

Common symptoms of HDD problems include:

  • IDE error notification
  • Operating system not found
  • Ntdlr missing
  • HDD hanging
  • Clicking noise from HDD
  • Whining noise


Liquid spills cause components to short on the motherboard. In the case of liquid spillage we recommend turning off your laptop immediately and mopping down any excess liquid with paper towels (do not use a hair dryer as that will cause more issues). You need to act fast for the best chance of saving your laptop – liquid spillage can cause rusting if not dealt with straight away. Make sure the battery is removed and call PCFIX immediately.

Common symptoms of liquid spillage include:

  • Sticky keyboard
  • No power
  • Drive failure

All our engineers are extensively trained in laptop motherboard repairs down to component level. Many service centres offer motherboard repairs, but very few offer the different levels available at PCFIX.

For Example

Level 1 – DC Jack/Fuse Replacement

Level 2 – Power IC Replacement (6-12 pin ICs)

Level 3 – Controller IC Replacement (200-400 pin ICs)

Level 4 – BGA Rework Reflow (Northbridge / Southbridge / Graphics Chips)

Level 5 – BGA Reballing

Unlike other repair centres we offer repairs down to level 5. We use the latest technology, including infrared BGA rework/reflow units. Our high-tech equipment enables us to reball BGA chips and repair Northbridge and GPU issues.

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